Kemp U Nojdy
Rožmberk nad Vltavou
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Tel./Fax.: 380 749 816
skupinové rezervace: Tel.: +420 777 173 114

Silvestrovský balíček - Rožmberk

Vloženo 5.10.2016

Rezervujte si včas Silvestrovský balíček a oslavte Nový rok 2017 s nám.

Happy hour v Zubajdě 0,5l Prazdroj 12° za 31 Kč

Vloženo 19.11.2014

Každý den od 15 do 17 hodin jsme pro vás a naše věrné pivaře připravili HAPPY HOUR na tankový prazdroj 12°.Cena za 0,5l je 31Kč

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Ahooooy, paddlers!

Welcome to our virtual world of the BOAT & CAR CAMPING SITE in Romberk nad Vltavou.

Romberk nad Vltavou

The U Nojdy camp is located 300 m along the Vltava river from the town of Romberk nad Vltavou on the right river-bank. Most of paddlers make a stop at our camp U Nojdy to visit an ancient castle Romberk ( 5 minutes up to the hill) and thus to make an already beautiful trip on the Vltava river even more interesting. Therefore in our camp you can enjoy the history of an ancient castle and beauty of the south-bohemian nature, but also you can have a great meal and drink, experience famous pleasant hilarity on Vltava and even enjoy peaceful and tranquil evenings at fire-rings.

Romance at every step...

A specific location right between the river and the woods and the possibility to start a fire create a romantic atmosphere of camping in the wild nature.

For those who'd rather reduce the romance a bit, there is a restaurant in our camp with a huge offer of food and beverages. There is also a grill where we barbecue steaks, bratwursts and sausages right in front of you. Right there we prepare cocktails, alcohol and alcohol-free beverages (mojito, pina colada etc). In our camp we'll be happy to offer you famous Czech beers, Kofola (typical Bohemian Cola), ice drinks and ice-creams too.

Photo-gallery Parking lot and the rest-rooms
Kemp Romberk nad Vltavou Kemp Romberk nad Vltavou Kemp Romberk nad Vltavou

For your higher satisfaction we have completed a total reconstruction of the rest-rooms and the parking lots by strengthening and draining the local terrain.

Photo-gallery The Terrace
Kemp Romberk nad Vltavou Kemp Romberk nad Vltavou Kemp Romberk nad Vltavou

Our regular customers can also notice a newly modified terrace with fine wooden tables. There is also a new important notification that meadows n. 1 to n. 6 are designated to start a fire in already built fire-rings. Everywhere else starting a fire is strictly forbidden!